Exide Inverter Battery Gelmagic1500

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Exide Inverter Battery GelMagic 1500
 Capacity: 150 AH
Warranty: 48 Months Full Replacement
Warranty Claim: In case of any warranty issues, just give us a call, will do the rest.

Exide GelMagic 1500 is a flat plate inverter battery from Exide. With this battery, Exide has come up with a unique Gel technology; another pioneering technology in batteries and is first of its kind in this category. Exide GelMagic 1500 battery not only prevents spillage but also is fume-free and utilizes space while being stored and lasts longer.

Tips to maintain Inverter Battery:

  • Check the water level of battery every two months, and ensure that the water level is maintained between the maximum and minimum water limits.
  • Always top up the battery with distilled water and never use tap water or rainwater, because it contains excess minerals and impurities which affect the life and performance of the battery.
  • Always keep the surface and sides of the battery clean, also Keep the battery terminals corrosion-free and rust-free, This will increase the life of Battery
  • Apply petroleum jelly or Vaseline on to the terminals, as this will prevent corrosion to a great extent.
  • From a safety point of view, install the inverter at safe places in your home, which are out of the reach of children. But at the same time, make sure that it is airy and properly ventilated.
  • Replace your battery, if it is dead or damaged. Regular inspection will keep you updated on your inverter and battery conditions.
  • Keep the area around battery clean and dry because moisture affects the battery performance.
  • Always, make sure to use the services of a qualified Technician for Inverter or Inverter Battery, because this is the work of an expert. A small mistake on the technician can damage the Inverter or Inverter battery.
  • In case of any problems, you can always call the Toll Free Number, which is provided on the warranty card of your battery.

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